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Dexter & Daughter are considering a perpetual project which will produce annual cash inflows from sales of $126,000 and annual cash costs of $87,500. The initial cost of the project is $134,000. The firm has a 34 percent tax rate and an unlevered cost of capital of 15 percent. The firm has a policy of financing 45 percent of the initial cost of each new project with debt. What is the adjusted present value of this project?

Reference no: EM131185540

What is the average collection period

LaDoris & Mike, Inc. sells earnings forecasts for Chinese securities. It's credit terms are 1/5, net 15. Based on experience, 85 percent of all customers take the discount. Wh

Plans to start saving for retirement

Jayadev Athreya has started on his first job. He plans to start saving for retirement early. He will invest $5,000 at the end of each year for the next 45 years in a fund that

What is present value of all future earning if interest rate

Analysts predict that your company's earnings will grow at 40% per year for the next five years. After that, earnings growth is expected to slow to 2% per year and continue at

Common stock to finance long-term expansion of the business

Given that a company does not yet pay dividends, what will be the immediate effect on earnings per share (EPS) by issuing common stock to finance long-term expansion of the bu

Using the straight-line method-calculate the npv of project

RightPrice Investors, Inc., is considering the purchase of a $410,000 computer with an economic life of five years. The computer will be fully depreciated over five years usin

Using the constant growth dividend model

The required return (using the constant growth dividend model) for a share of stock is equal to: Your opinion is that CSCO has an expected rate of return of 0.1375. It has a b

What is the anticipated stock price at the beginning of 2011

Justin Cement Company has had the following pattern of earnings per share over the last five years: . Project earnings and dividends for the next year (2011).  If the required

What is the present value of the interest tax shield

If a firm permanently borrows $100 million at an interest rate of 8%, what is the present value of the interest tax shield? (Assume that the marginal corporate tax rate is 30%


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