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You are considering buying an investment that will be worth $55,000 when it matures in two years. If you want a rate of return of at least 15% compounding quarterly, what is the most you should be willing to pay for this investment?

Reference no: EM131020453

Growth rate in dividends-what is the current share price

Apocalyptica Corporation is expected to pay the following dividends over the next four years: $6.20, $17.20, $22.20, and $4.00. Afterwards, the company pledges to maintain a c

Increase tax shield without changing the firm size

AP Corp has a WACC of 12%. The firm has a D/E ratio of .2. The cost of debt is 6%. Tax rate is 40%. Because of the profit has been growing in the last 3 years, the firm is con

Required for the financial portion of business plan

Types of assumptions required for the financial portion of a business plan typically include answers to the following questions. What will the supplies, drugs and/or devices c

What is the groups contribution margin

Assume that a radiologist group practice has the following cost structure: Fixed Cost: $350,000 Variable Cost per Procedure: $12.50 Charge (revenue) per procedure: $85 Expecte

Market obtain to avoid net loss on income statement

The Corner Market has fixed costs of $1,600, depreciation of $1,200, a tax rate of 35%, and a cost of capital of 12%. Variable costs represent 67% of sales. What minimum level

Equilibrium with required return equal to expected rerurn

Nick's Enchiladas Incorporated has preferred stock outstanding that pays a dividend of $3 at the end of each year. The preferred sells for $45 a share. What is the stock's req

What amount will investments? accumulate

To what amount will the following investments? accumulate? a. ?$4,900 invested for 8 years at 9 percent compounded annually. b. ?$8,100 invested for 6 years at 9 percent compo

What must the coupon rate on bonds

The Los Angeles Airport Authority has bonds on the market with 10.5 years to maturity, a yield to maturity of 8%, and a current price of $925. The bonds make semi-annual payme


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