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As previously noted, the Brocks have some of their investment portfolio in conservative stocks. These equities have had very slow growth while regularly paying a small dividend. Pam and Josh have received several emails recently with suggestions about various biotechnology, retailing, and environmental companies. The investment advisers believe that these industries would provide an opportunity for strong long-term financial gains. In recent years, the Brocks have made extensive use of mutual funds in their investment portfolio. However, they are concerned that their selection of the funds may not be coordinated. With over 9,200 different mutual funds available, this financial marketplace is confusing. The Brocks start the evaluation process by connecting various types of mutual funds to their investments goals. Next, they assess the past performance and management of the funds. Finally, they talk with various financial advisers and other investors to gather additional information. Questions Q1. According to Pam, "We both know we should have started our investment program sooner, but we always seemed to have 'emergencies' that took what extra money we had." To what extent should the Brocks invest in stocks as a major portion of their investment portfolio? Q2. Research the industries recommended by the investment advisers. What are some industries and specific stocks you would recommend for the Brocks? Q3. How might Pam and Josh use mutual funds for various investment goals? Q4. What types of mutual funds might be considered by the Brocks for their investment portfolio?

Reference no: EM131133601

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