Consider the hiv enzyme called protease

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Q1. Consider the HIV enzyme called protease. The amino acid residues at the active site are highly hydrophobic. In designing a drug that would bind to the active site and jam it, researchers should use which sort of molecule?

Q2. While a suicide victim was found, the coroner was not capable to remove the drug vial in clutched in his hand. Explicate the reasons for this. If the victim had been discovered three days later, would coroner have had the same difficulty? Clarify.

Reference no: EM136923

Question based on osmosis

Recent experiments in a lab have focused on trying to understand cellular mechanisms that underlie epilepsy. Many of the studies involve recording electrical activity in neuro

Explain working mechanism in the biological systems

The selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs) selectively stimulate or inhibit the estrogen receptors of different targettissues. Which group of drug do they belong?

Determine the function of protein

You have recently isolated the cDNA of a gene from mouse lymphoid tissue. So far, you've sequenced the ORF and analyzed the predicted protein product by comparison with the

Does the company producing atryn in goats

Does the company producing ATryn in goats need to include a promoter in the vector they use to insert the transgene into goat cells? If yes, explain why and what type of pro

Explain dimensions of cell for efficient rate of diffusion

Based on your experience, if you had to design a cell with a volume of 125 cm3, explain the best dimensions of the cell for the most efficient rate of diffusion? Hint: it ma

How big is the unknown bacterium

A human RBC is approximately 8 micrometers in diameter. An unknown bacterium measures 1 ocular space using the oil immersion objective compared to 3 spaces on the stage micr

Example how canadian aid is helping to meet projects goal

Use the Internet to research one example of an aid project that the Canadian international development agency (cida) is funding that helps women in Asia feed their families.

Studying the transport of amino acids across

You are studying the transport of amino acids across the intestinal epithelium. You set up an in-vitro system (see diagram below) that has a layer of intestinal epithelium s


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