Consider the doctrine of stare decisis

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Consider the doctrine of stare decisis. Should courts follow past rulings, or should they decide cases anew each time, without regard to past decisions? For example, should Texas v. Johnson stand because it is precedent, or should the justices take a “fresh look” at the issue of flag burning?

Annie and Bart are co-workers. In fact, they share a cubicle wall. Recently, they were involved in a fender-bender in the company parking lot. Each blames the other for the accident, and the two have stopped speaking. Would you advise them to try to settle their dispute through arbitration, mediation, or with a traditional lawsuit? Why?

Reference no: EM132280645

Organization voluntary efforts to nurture diversity

How does diversity differ from EEO and affirmative action? Give examples. Tell us about your knowledge/experiences with an organization’s voluntary efforts to nurture diversit

Payout period schedule for workers compensation

A Manufacturering firm determines that its payout period schedule for worker's compensation is a s follows: Demonstrate and explain if there are any cash flow advantages of de

Consider person who is joining sorority or fraternity

Consider a person who is joining a sorority or fraternity, or attending college or boarding school, or even a child beginning kindergarten. How is the process the student goes

Conduct the plenary sessions for sharing information

The planning for the community building session is almost complete. The last details are how to conduct the plenary sessions for sharing information across groups to develop

What is the annual volume beyond

A news clipping service is considering modernization. Rather than manually clipping and photocopying articles of interest and mailing them to its clients, employees electronic

Identify the causes and effects of stress

Discuss the ways that your response might have harmed you or hindered you in the stressful situation you described. Identify the causes and effects of stress, as well as, the

Describe the organizational buyers and consumers

Describe the organizational ( Starbucks) buyers and consumers of your product or service and the factors that influence their purchasing decisions. Discuss how these factors

What is the company pre-money value-post-money value

A Venture capital company buys 400,00 shares of a start-up’s stock for $5million. If the company as 1.6 million shares outstanding prior to the purchase, what is the company’s


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