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Question 1: Consider the customer satisfaction model show below. Explain, why is it important to measure customer expectations as well as actual satisfaction from consumption or usage?

Question 2: Given the proliferation of loyalty programs, how can you differentiate your program from competitors programs?

Next, create a framework using the customer relationship management model as seen in the Assignment home area. Now address the Customer Relationship Management Model questions:

CR Model Questions to address regarding the model process step:

1. Create a database: What does this look like and why?

2. Analysis: How will you analyze your database? What formulas, methods will you use in your analysis? Provide a fictional example.

3. Customer selection: Give a rationale for selecting your customers. Will it strictly be based on profitability or will you use other variables?

4. Customer targeting: How will you reach your customers?

5. Relationship marketing: Create a customer relationship marketing program.

6. Privacy issues: Consider privacy issues.

7. Metrics: How will you measure your results?

Reference no: EM131192954

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