Consider the challenges of determining a project budget

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Consider the challenges of determining a project budget and respond to the following: Identify the factors you need to keep in mind while determining the project budget. How would you determine the flexibility you need in the budget to accommodate changes? Explain how inflation and changes in project scope and deadlines can, in turn, impact budgetary estimates. Explain how you would manage variances in the project budget. Give at least two examples that use actual numbers.

Reference no: EM13259883

Standard requires that a good explanation be explanatory

Specify which of a good explanation it violates. The standard requires that a good explanation be explanatory, deep, powerful, falsifiable, modest, simple, and conservative.

Which branch of buddhism is he representing

Tell me about the author. Which branch of Buddhism is he representing? Where is he from? What does he say is the purpose of "comparative theology"? Does he think it can be do

Why should we pay special attention to our cmc

What function of nonverbal communication did your interactions illustrate? How important was nonverbal communication in all of your computer-mediated interactions? Or, how d

Developmental theories of freud and piaget

Many people think that human development means childhood development from birth to adolescence. This assumption had been supported by the developmental theories of Freud and

Center for science in the public interest

Background Information: The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) is a nonprofit education and advocacy organization that focuses on improving the safety and nutr

What are the orientations to conflict

Think about the ways you typically respond to conflict. Do you tend to rely on one or two of the four responses in the text? Explain. Are your response tendencies consistent

How many different combinations of the clients

An investment counselor would like to meet with 12 of his clients on Mondays,but he has time for  only 8 appointments. How many different combinations of the clients could be

In the household decision-making process

In the household decision-making process, why is it important for marketers to understand the differences between those who are involved with the decision, VS those who influe


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