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Consider a periodic review system. The demand is on average 250 units per day, and the standard deviation of demand per day is 35 units. Lead time is 6 days. Orders are placed every 10 days. The firm strives to provide an 80% CSL. (Keep 3 decimals for the standard deviation, but round and to the nearest whole number.)

How many units of safety stock should be ?

What should be the order-up-to level?

Suppose that it is time to review the item. There are 0 units in inventory. An order for 1400 units is on the way, and there is an outstanding backorder for 120 units. How many units should be ordered?

Reference no: EM131115741

Explain competitive clustering and saturation marketing

Explain the difference between competitive clustering and saturation marketing. Give examples of a company of each type. Further explain the pros and cons of competitive clu

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ABC Inc., contracted XYZ LLC to lease certain real property on behalf of a client. ABC emailed the landlord a separate agreement for the payment of ABC's commission. The landl

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What do you believe the responsibility of networks should be toward willing and non-willing participants in relation to entertainment, such as reality shows, and news broadcas

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Describe the main components of social entrepreneurship and describe how social entrepreneurship differs from commercial entrepreneurship. Please give an example of organizati

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You are CEO of a rapidly growing video rental company and have plans to go international in the very near future. What steps would you take to enter the international market

Describe how to negotiate for more compensation

Describe how to negotiate for more compensation. Explain why one must be assertive to earn what he or she deserves. Relate four things not to do when asking for a raise. How

Keeping in mind the process goals-university interests

The Successful Buyout: Part 2 The first level of negotiation has happened and has concluded with you submitting a proposal consisting the following key points: Keeping in mind

What is the optimal decision strategy

Myraa airlines decided to offer direct service from Akron to Clearwater beach, Florida. Management must decide between full-price service using a company’s new fleet of jet ai


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