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1. Which cancer do you think is best to consider for gene therapy treatment? Explain your response.

2. Which cancer do you think is best to consider for immunotherapy treatment? Explain your response.

3. Which secondary therapy do you think is most effective? Explain your response.

4. Which cancer do you think is best to consider for anti-angiogenesis treatment? Explain your response.

Reference no: EM131408617

Calculate probability of two bb people a blue-eyed child

Let's assume for this problem that the world is divided into blue-eyed people and brown-eyed people. Let's also assume for the sake of simplicity that there is only one gene

What was darwins dilemma

What was Darwin's dilemma? Contrast micro- andmacro-evolutionary changes in light of Darwin's proposed mechanismfor evolution. Compare speciation with the evolution of novel

Sequence the dna on both sides of a single known region

What if you wanted to sequence the DNA on both sides of a single known region? Design a protocol that would allow you to amplify the unknown regions of genomic DNA on both s

Hydrogens in a deoxyribose moiety of dna nucleotide

NMR spectroscopists often do experiments in D2O. The deuterium atoms in D2O can exchange for hydrogens in an organic molecule if and only if those hydrogens are exposed to sol

Attempting to determine human evolutionary history

Explain why skull size and shape are important characteristic for scientist who are attempting to determine human evolutionary history. In examining the hominid skull, not

What would the genotype & phenotype of both f1 & f2

using same characteristics what are the expected genotypes/phenotypes for F1 generation if we cross a black cat w/brown eyes from F1 generation from part A w/a pure breeding

Identify the organs of the respiratory passageways

An essential part of maintaining homeostasis in the body is supplying tissues with oxygen and eliminating carbon dioxide from the tissues. Identify the organs of the respira

Compare and contrast fluid flow

Using Starlings law describing capillary fluid flow, do you think there will likely be a net filtration or absorption or a net flow of zero across the peritubular capillarie


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