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Consider a monopolist who is faced with the market demand curve P = 10 - Q.  Its total cost is given by 2Q.

  1. If the monopolist has to use one price, what would be profit maximizing price?

  2. If the monopolist can use two part tariff, what would be the entrance (to the market) fee and the price for each unit of the good?

  3. What is the difference between (a) and (b) from the perspectives of consumers, monopolists, and the society as a whole.

Reference no: EM131163355

Determine quantity and price

BMW has MC=$20,000 and FC=$10billion. Demand for markets in Europe and US are Qe=4,000,000-100Pe and Qu=1,000,000-20Pu. Prices and Costs are given in thousands.

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Suppose that bicycles are produced by a perfectly competitive, constant cost industry. Which will have a larger effect on the long-run price of bicycles a government program t

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Assume the following: The demand for all computers is price elastic. Laptop and desktop computers are substitutes. Laptops and DVD burners are compliments. Using three separ

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Suzy is considering opening a restaurant. To do so, she would have to quit her current job which pays $20,000 a year and use her own car which she currently leases out to he

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The WSJ recently presented data suggesting that United Airlines was not covering its costs on flights from San Francisco to Washington D.C. The article quoted analysts sayin

Price elasticity of demand for a product

A. Assume that a product has an elastic demand. Explain what will occur to the firm total revenue if the price of the product is increased.  B. List and explain three (3) fa

Analyze the effect of balanced budget on budget

Using Keynesian model and Classical model, analyzed the effect of balanced budget (when the government increases the government expenditure and tax by the same amount not to


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