Consider a gene with four alleles

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Consider a gene with four alleles A1, A2, A3, and A4. If the cross A1A2 × A3A4 yields two offspring, what is the probability that both of them have the same genotype? The answer is 1/4. Should it be 1/16. Thank you for helping.

Reference no: EM132279747

Provide examples of how disney can generate

Provide examples of how Disney can generate more loyalty through "touch points". Please be sure to cite at least 7 specific touchpoint which can be altered in a way to generat

Ethics and accountability in job descriptions

Discuss how the position is held accountable for responsibilities (consider the position's boss). Explain how the position holds other public administrators accountable. Discu

Compare the firm stock price

What would happen to the price of the stock if now the ROE of the firm is only 10%, lower than the required rate of return? Compare the firm's stock price with a ROE of 10%

Recruitment of staffing of federal civil service employees

The federal government faces challenges in the recruitment of staffing of federal civil service employees.  There have been many articles written on the topic ranging from r

What is the managerial view of business

1. What, in your view, makes a company "good" or "bad", particularly if you start with the idea that ethics is an important part of your evaluation? Why? 2. What is the mana

List the differences in product offerings in two countries

Choose a doughnut/cinnamon bun/bread company with presence in two global markets. List the differences in product offerings in these 2 host countries and then compare same to

What is the emv decision

A hometown dialysis center is not able to meet the increased dialysis demand from patients with renal failure.- What is the EMV decision? -  What is the minimax regret decisio

The mfs special purpose fund

The Unified Path is an umbrella organization that solicits donations to support its many charitable suborganizations. One of these is the Millbridge Family Service (MFS)


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