Congestive heart failure due to a valvular deficiency

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Question: Miguel has congestive heart failure due to a valvular deficiency. He has edema in his ankles and hands. His liver is swollen, and he has accumulated fluid in his abdomen.          

Determine which valve could be damaged?

Determine which side of the heart (if either) is likely to hypertrophy? What, if any, long-term consequences is this likely to lead to?

Determine why is he experiencing edema?

Reference no: EM1383826

In regards to taxonomic classification of bacteria

In regards to taxonomic classification of bacteria, what is the relationship between physiological and genetic differentiation of bacteria? Why are hemolytic Streptococci co

Evaporation from the respiratory system

A calorie is the amount of heat required to raise the temp of one gram of water by 1°C (1 cal = 4 J). A marine iguana from the Galapagos Islands weighs about two kg.

What is the chance that their next child will be a girl

The chance that a baby will be a girl is 1/2 and the chance of having a boy is also 1/2. If a certain family has three boys, what is the chance that their next child will be

Cellular respiration is a vital process

Cellular respiration is a vital process. Define cellular respiration and identify the specific steps as well as the major energy molecule produced in each step.

What are the scientific names of the only reptile

Both chemical and physiological buffering systems exist in the body. What are the two organ systems involved in physiological buffering.

Calculate the extent of linkage disequilibrium

Consider two diallelic loci A (A1 and A2) and B (B1 and B2). The following haplotype frequencies are observed: A1B1 = 0.2, A2B2 = 0.45, A1B2 = 0.15, A2B1 =0.2. Calculate the

Briefly describe the antagonistic action of muscles

Briefly describe why the body’s defense system is divided into two types: innate defenses and adaptive defenses, i.e. what distinguishes the two types. Briefly describe the

How can we possibly define life

How can we possibly define life? Or, how can we tell when something is alive? Are there certain characteristics which make us say that an animal (a cat or a dog) is alive as


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