Confidence intervals for the proportion of the population

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Due to a prolonged drought, the city of pandora faced a severe power crisis in 2009. after lengthy debates, the pandora city council decided to establish a nuclear power plant to tackle any future power crisis. a national survey asked the following question in order to understand the general public reaction to building a nuclear power plant in the city to generate future power requirements? out of the 3,200 respondents, 640 answered yes and the remainder no. find 95% confidence intervals for the proportion of the population who would say yes (Z value for 95% is 1.96)

Reference no: EM131115591

Testing hypotheses by using the excel

Shank's Inc., a nationwide advertising firm, wants to know whether the size of an advertisement and the color of the advertisement make a difference in the response of magaz

Find largest random sample that department will need

If they wish to estimate the population proportion within 0.03 and use 95 percent confidence, what is the largest random sample that they will need?

Assist the head of the admissions department

Universities and colleges do not like to admit students who do not perform well. It is expensive and unpleasant for both the student and the school. Since you work in the Depa

Explain the concept of confidence intervals

A sample of n people is taken to obtain their opinion. The proportion p¯ in favor in the sample is taken as an estimate of p. Using the Central Limit Theorem, determine how

Negative tests for hypertension

What is the predictive value of a negative test result? In other words, what is the probability that an individual who returns a negative tests for hypertension is not hyper

Standard deviation of the number of correct answers

A test consists of 100 multiple choice questions, each with five possible answers, only one of which is correct. Find the man and the standard deviation of the number of co

Six hypothesis testing problems

In a normal distribution with mean 59 and standard deviation 22, how large a sample must be taken so that there will be at least a 90 percent chance that its mean is greater

Compute the distribution using possibilities

The other measurement is below 10, i.e. where high measurements tend to cancel low measurements. Use these possibilities to compute the distribution of when n = 2(i.e., find


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