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1. The mean of the standard normal distribution is:

A. 1

B. 0

C. 100

D. all of these

2. The standard normal distribution is continuous?

A. true

B. false

3. A walker traveling at 4 miles per hour burns and average of 300 calories per hour.The standard deviation is 8 calories . Find the following for a walker that travels 4 miles in one hour.

Find the probability that a worker burns more that 280 calories is the probability

A. 0.4938

B. 0.0062

C. 0.9938

D. 0.5062

4. Refer to the walk that burns and average of 300 calories and the standard deviation is 8 calories.

What is the probability that the walker will burn less than 293 calories ?

A. 0.1894

B. 0.2106

C. 0.8106

D. 0.5000

5. What is the probability that the walker will burn 285 to 320 calories?

A. 0.9637

B. 0.4699

C. 0.4938

D. 0.0363

6. A point estimate is more likely to occur than and interval estimate

A. true

B. false

7. A study of 40 bowlers showed that there average score was 186 the standard deviation of the population is 6 . Find the 95% confidence interval of the mean score for all bowlers.

A. (183.56, 188.44)

B. (184.0, 188.0)

C. (184.14 187.86)

D. (184.44, 187.86)

8. Data that can be classified according to color are measured on what scale?

A. nominal

B. ordinal

C. ratio

D.  interval

9. The height of president bush is an example of a variable?

A.  True

B.  False

10. A university dean wants to estimate the average number of hours his part-time instructors teach per week. The standard deviation from a previous study is 2.6 hours how large of a sample is needed if he wants to be 99% confident fo finding whether the true mean differs from the sample mean by 1 hour.

A. 7

B. 19

C.  45

D.  85

Reference no: EM1318901

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