Confidence interval for the true percentage of all household

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1) In a recent survey of 150 households, 54 had central air conditioning. Find a 96% confidence interval for the true percentage of all households that have central air conditioning.  Write a sentence that interprets this interval.

2) A researcher wishes to estimate, with 95% confidence, the proportion of people who own a home computer. A previous study shows that 40% of those interviewed had a computer at home. Find the minimum sample size necessary if the researcher wants to be accurate within 2% of the true proportion.

Reference no: EM1318791

Find the expected value of the sum

Determine which pair of Judges have the nearest approach to the common likings in dance - Do you consider that blindness and insanity are equally associated or disassociated

Con?dence interval for difference in two population means

Suppose these means were based on a random sample of 100 homes in 1997 and 150 homes in 1998 and that the sample standard deviations of sale prices were $21,000 for 2000 and

Find median and interquartile range and 45th percentile

Check the applicability of Chebyshev's theorem and the empirical rule for the data set in given problem.- Find the median, the interquartile range, and the 45th percentile of

What are expected value and the variance of the sample mean

Suppose you are sampling from a population with mean µ = 1,065 and standard deviation σ = 500. The sample size is n 100. What are the expected value and the variance of the

Sequence of signals that represent

Digital data are transmitted as a sequence of signals that represent 0s or 1s. Suppose that such data are being transmitted to a satellite and then relayed to a distant site

Lean body mass and resting metabolic rate

Problem: Do heavier people burn more energy? We have data on the lean body mass and resting metabolic rate for 12 women who are subjects in a study of dieting. Lean body mas

Are the events selected student is a recent immigrant

Suppose that a Santa Clara County kindergartner is selected at random. Are the events selected student is a recent immigrant and selected student has TB independent or depen

Confidence interval-difference in proportion

Borst investigated the relation of ego development, age, gender, and diagnosis to suicidality among adolescent psychiatric inpatients.


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