Confidence interval for the population mean

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A random sample of 77 observations is drawn from a population with a standard deviation of 17. The sample mean was calculated to be 297. What is the lower confidence limit (LCL) of the 99% confidence interval for the population mean?

Reference no: EM132184433

Substitute or a complement of the product demanded

Suppose the demand curve for a product is given as Q = 10 – 2P + Po where P is the price of the product, Po is the price of another good, and Q is the quantity demanded. Assum

Show the equilibrium quantity of fish caught

Assume that average income in the world and the cost of catching fish are both equal to their initial values. Drag the vertical green line back and forth to show the equilibr

Gas prices dropping after last weeks spike

In an article titled, Gas prices dropping after last week's spike, that was published in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper on August 29, 2011, Mike Morris wrote: "Aft

Consumption of good decrease as more is consumed

The price of a hamburger is $1 and the price of a movie is $6 and the consumer has $14. A consumer has purchased 2 hamburgers and 2 movies, receiving 20 units of utility for t

Decision for dagny on daily income-leisure graph

First suppose that there is no tax in the country Randland. A resident, Dagny, has an hourly wage of $50. How is it possible for Dagny to increase her hours worked after a tax

Determine average-min-max-standard deviation of alternative

Suppose you get your master’s degree in civil engineering and have the three following career options upon graduation: you can work for a governmental agency, you can work for

What movements in in supply and demand

What movements in in supply and demand would be consistent with the increase in Banana prices ( prices increased due to heavy rains washing out banana crops for that year)? Di

Purchasing power parity adjusted income

You and your two best friends all make $65,000 per year. Friend A lives in a city where prices on average are 5% lower. Friend B lives in a city where prices on average are 8%


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