Confidence interval for the population mean

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A random sample of 64 observations is drawn from a population with a standard deviation of 19. The sample mean was calculated to be 278. What is the width of the 99% confidence interval for the population mean?

Reference no: EM132184432

Consumption in order to increase her total utility

Tom consumes positive quantities of both jam and juice. the price of jam is 5 cents per unit and the price of juice is 10 cents per unit. Her marginal utility of jam is 10 and

Expected to cause the net benefit associated with mobility

Assuming that wages in an alternative location are expected to always be higher than wages in the current location, an increase in the interest rate is expected to cause the n

What is the socially optimal quantity-socially optimal price

Suppose you are studying the recent rise in shale energy. You know the inverse demand function for shale energy is P = 100 - Qd. The supply of shale energy is P = Qs. However,

Unique brand of crepes to stall-holders

Crepe Creations is considering franchising its unique brand of crepes to stall-holders on Hermoza Beach, which is five miles long. CC estimates that on an average day there ar

How are prices determined under perfect competition

How are prices determined under perfect competition? Think about a firm that you have done business with recently. To what industry does this firm belong? For example, McDonal

About the increasing geometric gradient

You are told that the present worth of an increasing geometric gradient is $88,146. If the cash flow in year 1 is $25,000 and the gradient increase is 18% per year, what is th

Find the equilibrium real rate for this economy-value

In a certain economy that produces only one good, corn, people live two periods and value consumption in period 1 at C2/C1 units of consumption in period 2-that is, they would

Absolute value of the slope of the supply curve

Suppose the following model of a small local market for burritos works perfectly in predicting the equilibrium: a demand curve, which is a downward-sloping straight line, cr


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