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a. A sample of 300 observations taken from a population produced a sample proportion of 0.63 Make a 95% confidence interval for p.

b. Another sample of 300 observations taken from the same population produced a sample proportion of 0.59. Make a 95% confidence interval for p

a. Find the following:





Round answer to four decimal places.

Reference no: EM132184470

Find the probability that fran wins the tournament.

Fran and Ron play a series of independent games. Fran's probability of winning any particular game is 0.6 (and Ron's probability of winning is therefore 0.4). Suppose that t

Tukey sample problem for statistics students

We wish to determine whether the homicide rate is different in different parts of the country and, if it is different, what is the pattern. We have data on 36 states - 9 eac

Determining the average test score

Do the sample data suggest that the average test score is more than 75? Use α = 0.05. If these students can be considered a random sample from the population of all students,

Describe the set of possible orders

An order for an automobile can specify either an automatic or a standard transmission, either with or without air conditioning, and with any one of the four colors red, blue

Flaw with euclid first proposition

Where is the flaw and how can it be fixed? If R^2 is taken as a model for the Euclidean plane, does this help resolve the difficulty? Explain.

Design of control panel contributing to high rate accidents

Bbutton to determine whether the design of the control panel was contributing to the high rate of accidents in the plant. The resulting scores were as follows:

Why reading-writing and language are an important

Write a 500-words essay explaining why reading, writing and language are an important part of his life inside and outside the classroom. Student should share examples of how

Meeting fcc specifications

A radio station must broadcast at exactly 103.1 MHz. In a random sample of 25 days they average 103.8 MHz. The SD at radio stations with similar equipment is .1 MHz. At l


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