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A doctor wants to estimate the mean HDL cholesterol of all 20 to 29 year old females. how many subjects are needed to estimate the mean HDL cholesterol within 3 points with 99% confidence assuming s = 19.8 based on earlier studies? Suppose the doctor would be content with 90% confidence. How does the decrease in confidence affect the sample size required?

Reference no: EM132184482

Determine the value of diastolic blood pressures will lie

If we assume a normal distribution of Diastolic blood pressures, then between what two values can we be assured 99.7% of all Diastolic blood pressures will lie?

Probability that next week-s show will have thirty viewers

What is the probability that next week's show will: Have between 30 and 37 million viewers? (Round z-score computation to 2 decimal places and your final answer to 4 decimal

Find the probability that a randomly selected trading value

Find the probability that a randomly selected trading value exceeds 4.1 million and find the trading volume greater than 90% of all trading volumes. Use formula X1 = Z σ + µ

Statistically significant evidence for true mean diameter

Is this statistically significant evidence that the true mean diameter is greater than 20 millimeters? Set up the hypothesis, and enter your P-value below, rounded to four d

Revenues of the different carts

An entrepreneur in a developing country owns 10 food carts. He has ten employees to work with these food carts. Let Xi be a random variable representing revenue from cart i

Explain what you know and do not know about the strength

Suppose you know that the slope of a regression line is b1 = +3.5. Based on this value, explain what you know and do not know about the strength and direction of the relatio

Can value be rejected if survey of homes yields lawn mowers

Estimate is too low for households in British Columbia. Can the value 0.64 be rejected if a survey of 490 homes in BC yields 331 with one or more lawn mowers?

Confidence level and hypothesis testing

A trans-oceanic airline conducted a study to determine whether the average weight of baggage checked by a passenger differs significantly from 45 pounds.


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