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Is "Green Petrol" the way for the UK to hit EU RenewableEnergy Tatrget?

Background "New ‘green' petrol could drive up prices and damage cars" Telegraph Report, March 2013

"New green petrol ‘only way to hit EU targets'" Telegraph, 7th June 2016

Even following Brexit, UK Government ministers in July 2016 were confirming that it was "very likely" Britain would introduce a new kind of petrol called E10, which contains a higher proportion of biomass than current unleaded petrol, in order to meet a sub-target of the wider EU scope, that requires 10% of transport fuels to be sourced renewably. Government ministers confirmed that this would increase pump prices.

But the two contradictory quotes at the top of the page neatly sum up a dramatic turn-around in Governmental policy. Only a year ago, the UK was trying to avoid introducing this E10 petrol, citing that this was part of a EU campaign to wage war on British motorists.

Now those same experts have decided that introducing E10 petrol is only way to meet this transport fuels target. So, who is right?

Who will pay for E10's introduction to UK forecourts?

Will motorists pay extra at the pumps to go "green"?

And what will be the effect on cars - is the possible damage to cars a realistic claim?

Assignment Task

You should research the subject of "green petrol" (or E10) and its introduction to the UK retail market, to conduct a review and critique of the advantages and drawbacks of such a new grade of petrol.

You should evaluate the environmental positives as well as determine the costs of any additional infrastructure provision, and increased costs to motorists, and assess whether all cars can successfully run on E10 without causing damage to their engines.

Your own interpretations and critical analysis from the research are fundamental. Supporting your own arguments in a robust and objective manner will qualify for better marks than a simple re-statement of the data and opinion found in the research. This should be a high-level evaluation; so make sure you write a "rounded" essay, and draw conclusions and recommendations with valid justifications.

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This assignment is about the new Biofuel known as the ‘green’ petrol or E10, which has introduced to the retail market in the UK by the government of the country. Here it is discussed the reason behind the UK government introduced to the market in the country. In this essay, there is a discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of the new E10. In this assignment, it is described why motorist and retailers are facing a problem with the new E10.

Reference no: EM131286993

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