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Prepare a case study analysis of Case 12: LEGO Group: An Outsourcing Journey found in the Cases section of your digital book.

Closely adhere to the Case Study Analysis Template by clicking on the hyperlink. Please utilize this template format for this Assignment. Use titles and subtitles per the format for readability purposes.

Focus upon the idea of the company's short-term objectives, and through internal and external analyses create functional tactics to support the company's implementation and outsourcing proposition in order to help move LEGO Group forward. Please include the SWOT analysis with the four quadrants in the appendix of your paper (after the References page). You can find the SWOT analysis template in Doc Sharing.

Assignment Checklist:

• Conduct a SWOT Analysis on the case study company's internal and external challenges.

• Create a case study analysis focusing on the company's internal and external challenges through the development of short-term objectives.

• Design the functional tactics required for the company's implementation and outsourcing proposition.

In this Assignment on conducting a SWOT Analysis on the case study company's internal and external challenges, you will engage in developing the following professional competency:


  • Global awareness


The case analysis should be 2--3 written pages in length (not including the formal title page and References page),

double-spaced. Ensure that you use correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and usage. The citing of sources

(text and list references) should use the current APA format and style.



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