Conduct a quantitative data analysis of preliminary results

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Organization Study Project


Alfred Rovai, Jason Baker & Michael Ponton (2013). Social Science Research Design and Statistics: A Practitioner's Guide to Research Methods and IBM SPSS Analysis, 2nd Edition. Chesapeake, VA: Watertree Press. ISBN: 978-0-9787-186-8-8

• Review all the assigned readings in previous periods, especially qualitative and quantitative methods.

• Rovai, Baker &Ponton, Chapter 5 (Descriptive Statistics), if you will conduct a quantitative data analysis of preliminary results.


You can review a sample project 4 as your guide( attached);

Required 1

Based on content requirements of your project 4, post a brief (4-5 slides) PowerPoint presentation describing your project 4. Tell us about the organization (maintaining confidentiality), the focal problem you are investigating, causes of the problem, data collection methods, and preliminary findings.

Post some comments on the presentations made by two of your peers regarding the focal problem presented, causes of the problem, data collection methods used, and your suggestions for improvement, if there are any.

Required 2

Organization Study Project

Major Project: Organization Study Project

This project is about conducting a problem assessment and analysis of causes of the problem within an organization, using the knowledge you gained about research designs/methods in previous period. You can either choose one method (qualitative or quantitative) or mixed methods. The report should provide some background about the organization, identify a focal problem, propose and justify probable causes explaining why the problem exists, methods of addressing a focal problem, and include results of preliminary information collected.The requirement of this project is to collect and analyze some diagnostic evidence within this organization.For choosing a sample organization, it should be multicultural/global and can be a business or a non-profit, with employees from diversed cultures. It can also be a unit within a larger multicultural organization.The organization or unit chosen should have 10 or more employees and should not be the organization or unit in which you currently work.Due to the compressed schedule of a semester, the data collected and results reported are only preliminary.

Format: Expected length:10-12 pages, double space, excluding references and appendix; APA style.

Evaluation Method: See GLE Rubric in Blackboard under Start Here>Program Guidelines, Grading Rubrics, and Resources.

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Reference no: EM13846654

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