Conclude the main reasons why the attack on target occurred

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Case Study: Cyber Security in Business Organizations

Protecting organizational assets and information within the company has become a top priority for many organizational leaders.

Review the article titled "Missed Alarms and 40 Million Stolen Credit Card Numbers: How Target Blew It", located here.

Write a four page paper in which you:

1. Determine the fundamental challenges that organizations face in general in regard to protecting organizational assets and information.

2. Specify the red flag(s) that Target overlooked or ignored before the retail attack and give your opinion as to why Target overlooked or ignored the red flag(s).

3. Determine the main actions that Target took after the breach occurred and evaluate the efficiency of such actions.

4. Conclude the main reasons why the attack on Target occurred. Give your opinion as to whether or not the attack was mainly due to the poor infrastructure or the inability of management to act accordingly. Justify your response.

5. Use at least three quality references. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources.

Reference no: EM131310097

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