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This assignment will require you to reflect on a real world organization and apply the concepts of organizational behavior. Ideally, you will use a current or a past organization you have worked for as the basis for this assignment. However, you may also use an organization where a friend or family member works. What I would like for you to do is:

(1) Briefly describe the organization you have chosen (you do not have to provide the name)

(2) Describe the job that you or the family member does (short job description)

(3) Identify two different issues/problems facing the organization

(4) Apply concepts for problems identified (related to organizational behavior clss)

(5) Give possible next steps/solutions to each these problems

(6) Present the expected effects of each solution to the relevant parties involved

For example, one of the issues your organization may be facing is frequent team member conflict. For this paper, you would explain the problem and provide some background on why this problem exists. If the cause is unknown, then you could speculate as to the origin of the issue/problem . You would discuss what team member conflict is and how too much conflict might be detrimental to your chosen organization (e.g., too much time and money wasted, job satisfaction is low). In essence, why should the organization be concerned about this issue? You need to show how a concept (e.g., team conflict) applies to the organization’s situation. Lastly, you would provide your opinion as to what the organization should do to resolve the issue (e.g., bring in a facilitator to guide teams’ discussions). Note: You cannot use team-member conflict as one of the issues in your paper.

Other guidelines for this assignment are as follows:

• The paper must be between 3-5 pages. This is a strict guideline.

• • Be sure to proofread and check spelling, grammar, and flow

Reference no: EM13321817

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