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The concept of precision is introduced with regards to rounding numbers. One of the things mentioned is that the level of precision required depends on circumstances. What are five things that might require a great deal of precision in the calculations? Five things where a ball park estimate is sufficient? What in your opinion causes the difference?

Reference no: EM131354831

Outline the importance of scm and om within product

Outline the importance of SCM and OM within product and service industries. Offer examples from any of the materials covered. Provide academic reasoning for the critical need

Concentrate in the hispanic classes

Janet a 20 year old Mexican has found it hard to concentrate in the Hispanic classes since she cant speak Spanish. She has come to you to seek advice. How would you advice

Theories and concepts in organisational behaviour

B01OGBH201 - Work based presentation Explain the different types of human behaviour in the workplace and the importance of an evidence based approach to management and organ

Explain what are competitive liabilities

What are Mike's greatest strengths? What are its competitive liabilities? What are the most significant opportunities that Aggarwal should be aware of? What are the greatest

Calculate thelma and louie net income

Thelma and Louie, Inc., started the year with a balance of retained earnings of $543 million and ended the year with retained earnings of $589 million. The company paid divi

Would keep interested in pursuing a career with the company

Assume that you are an ambitious, nonfamily manager in a family firm and that one of your peers is the son or daughter of the founder. What, if anything, would keep you int

Interrelated problems

When identifying a problem, the analysis may discover that the case may have more than one problem. However, problems are usually interrelated. Therefore, articulating the p

Operations - critical path

Why would subcontractors for a government project want their activities on the critical path and under what conditions would they try to avoid being on the critical path?


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