Concept of parent education has existed for a long time

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Your text states: "The concept of parent education has existed for a long time. There is greater consensus concerning what parenthood is than whether it requires any special training." See the italicized statements on page 26 in the text. Read the statement made by LeMasters and DeFrain (1983) and Scholossman (1983) as well as Programs for Parents of Infants and Toddlers on page 49, Programs for Parents of Preschool Children on page 62, Programs for Parents of School-Age Children on page 82, and Programs for Parents of Adolescents on page 102. Post your response to the following questions:

Who should be responsible for parent education?

Is it a family responsibility or a societal responsibility? Why?

Would your family, friends and members of your community agree with your conclusions?

What Parent Education programs exist in our society to help meet the needs of children and parents/caregivers and how effective are they?

Reference no: EM13329788

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