Computing price of at-the-money european put on futures

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1) An at-the-money European call on the futures sells for= $5.50. Determine the price of at-the-money European put on the futures? Suppose both the call and put have the same maturity.

2) An investor wants to enter into delta-neutral position with 2 options that, given the present price of underlying asset, have the given prices and deltas:

Option  Price   Delta
   A        14   -0.4300
   B        14   +0.3300

Assume the investor writes 8 contracts of option A. To be delta neutral, how many contracts of option B must be traded? Must they be bought or sold?

Reference no: EM1310627

Computing weighted-average direct manufacturing labour rate

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You have observed given returns on ABC's stocks over last 5 years: 3.8%, 9.9%, 10.1%, 11.9%, 3.2% determine geometric average returns on stock over this 5-year period.

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If resulting profits are repatriated to production unit in Canada monthly, what risk does this production unit face? How might it hedge this risk?


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