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Choose a computer security threat and create a PowerPoint presentation that examines the threat and proposes a solution or solutions. Your presentation should be a minimum of 10 slides in length. Content to be covered includes:

  • Defining the threat
  • Creating an image illustrating the danger of the threat
  • Consequences of the threat being successful
  • How to protect yourself from the threat
  • Information on a software product or products to help protect you from the threat
  • Contacts of individuals or businesses that can assist you if you are attacked

Include in the presentation evidence of the following skills:

  • Title slide with a background picture
  • Multiple slide layouts
  • Concise and meaningful text
  • A bulleted or numbered List
  • Hyperlinked text
  • A footer
  • Graphics(choose 4): shapes, clipart, graph, chart, pictures, textbox
  • SmartArt diagram
  • Table
  • One advanced technique of your choice (video, music, animation)
  • Incorporate slide transitions, graphic special effects
  • Self-running presentation
  • Consistent and professional theme

Reference no: EM131060725

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