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Please answer the following questions

1. Do you think the school and the IT department should be at fault as well since their computer protection system was expired and this seemed like a fate long coming?(300 words) with reference

2. Do you think it should be a legal requirement for schools to have, and maintain, some form of security for their computers?( 100 words)

3. What should be done regularly to ensure your computer is completely safe from malware? (100 words)

Reference no: EM131446417

Statement of comprehensive income

Given the statement of financial position, statement of comprehensive income and the industry average ratios answer the questions that follow. Assume all sales are on credit

Sql query to count the number of courses

Write a SQL query to count the number of courses (displayed as CountTechAndMP) that are MiamiPlan (MP) courses and are also Technical Courses. Name the query SQL_04_MPTechni

Explain animation schemes comprise slide transitions

Some animation schemes comprise slide transitions and some don't. When would the transition be suitable? When would it not be suitable?

Function to find the mean

Input a list of positive numbers (terminated by 0) into an array, find the mean (average) of the numbers in the array, and output the result. Use a subprogram to input the n

Finding a seating arrangement that meets this objective

Assume that the dinner contingent has p families and that the ith family has a(i) members. Also assume that q tables are available and that the jth table has a seating capac

Calculate the quoted futures price for the contract

The term structure is flat, and the rate of interest wit semiannual compounding is 12% per annum. The conversion factor for the bond is 1.5. The current quoted bond price is

More complex problem, develop a complete solution

Your algorithm will keep track of a customer's purchases at the local fireworks stand. Customers will not know exactly how many items they will purchase, so using a For loop

Verify that the test statistic is equal to 2.3

For the Caucasian male face, y¯ = 15.0% and s = 25.1%. The researchers reported the test statistic (for the test of the null hypothesis stated in part a) as 4.23 with an ass


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