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Research computer crime laws in your state. (If your state does not have computer crime laws specific to cyber-crimes, look at the laws in a neighboring state). Briefly describe the law(s) and the corresponding penalties/fines. Then, find a current or recent court case involving computer or Internet crime illustrating the computer crime law you researched. Summarize the case and judge for yourself if there really was a crime committed or not. Explain your reasoning based on the laws you researched for your state. Be sure your paper is in APA style and all sources are properly cited and referenced.

Reference no: EM131187062

What helped convince them to create stronger passwords

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*An evaluation of Blogger *Identify and discuss the online blogs you examined and their usefulness Discuss the place blogging holds in today's availability of information, *an

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Research and discuss such dilemma and propose solutions

The IEEE 802.11 Task Group i (TGi) is developing new WLAN security protocols named TKIP and CCMP. CCMP is envisioned to supersede WEP and TKIP. Research and study these effo

Manufacturing and service environments

A foundation of operations in both manufacturing and service environments is vital in order to drive inefficiencies and examine ways to achieve greater supply chain integrat

Give an example of polymorphism

1. Give an example of polymorphism. Write a method in C# in a base class so that it can be overridden in a derived class, and provide/write that method. (Should only contain


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