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1. Suppose that you were an account in 1979, and you wanted to use a state-of -the-art personal computer and software for your work would probably have selected an Apple ll computer and ___software.

2. You work as a manufacturing technician in a chip fabrication plant. Your ant asks if you're in the IT industry. You response____

3. When you call your computer manufacturer for technical support, you're aren't surprised by the lilting accents of the technicians because many call centers operate in other countries, a practice called ____.

4. Your cousin shows you an iPod that she got in 2005. You're amazed that she was a(n) ____ adopt accounting to Rogers bell curve.

5. After studding and gaining practical experience on how to analyze a computer system's vulnerability of threats from various, worms, unauthorized access, and physical damage, you are ready for a job as a ___.

6. You accepted a project with and IT company as a(n)___ worker, fully realizing that you will not be considered an official employee of the company, nor will you be eligible for the company's health care or retirement benefits.

7. Your friend is not strong in math, but he really wants to work with computers. You suggest that your friend consider pursing a(n) ___ systems degree.

8. To supplement your computer science degree, you decide to take a(n)__ exam t becoming a Microsoft certified solutions expert.

9. As part of your job -hunting activities, you plan t create your resume in several different ___ for use in the body of an email message, as a web page and as a printed document.

10. You're working with a friend on an assignment, and she proudly shows you a program she's developing to shut down hate sites on the web. Her plan gives you an uneasy feeling. You'll have to make a(n)__ decision about what to do.

11. You've discovered your company's accounting system was intentionally modified to disguise certain expenses. You're contemplating might happen if you become a(n)___ and expose this unethical practices.

12. Suppose you're talking to recruiter who seems to be assessing your overall knowledge of the computer industry. The discussion tunes to declining hardware prices. You impress the recruiter by mentioning __ law and the way doubting transistors very two years contributed to economies of production.

Reference no: EM131267649

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