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Janiece Bingham

Studies show that some computer games can be very harmful to today's generations. When you see today's generations, you see teens and young adult on the their phone or on computers. They use their phone to search the internet and play games. Most teens and young adult want to be in the "in crowd ", which means having the latest games, clothes, and shoes. They become so addict to these thing, that it began to effect their lives. A clinical psychologist named Michele Carelse stated, "many of the teens I see in my practice spend more than 20 hours a week playing computer games. Most of these are not educational games, but violent and aggressive games involving killings, racing and conquering."

Most computer games are "leveled based" meaning to win the game you must complete all levels. According to, some of the most addictive games of all time are, Minecraft, CandyCrush, and Call of Duty. These games can seem fun at first but soon after reality kicks in. Games like Call of Duty and Minecraft allows you to interact with other players. This is very harmful to children and young adult because you or your child does not know who their really communicating with. They may think their talking to someone around the same age as them, when in reality they may be interacting with someone who is much older. There are many case that involve cyber interacting that lead to kidnapping or something more violent.

In addition, games like Candy Crush are financially harmful for parents and adult. According to, "Candy Crush is played by 93 million people every day, and it accrues and estimated of $800,000 daily through players purchasing new lives and boosters that help them conquer new levels. Just imagine how much one household spends monthly on purchasing new things for a game that was free to download. In conclusion computer games does more harm than good

Jingwen Huang

Computer games just like any other game are nice to play and bring much fun and relieve to an individual since they are interesting to play and you may find yourself playing and playing since you have been addicted to the same. However, the games come with many disadvantages as opposed to the kind of gains they do to an individual. One of the major disadvantages is that many of the games are aimed for a single player in which case they will isolate you from your friends and the family members. This may be the main cause for the wrangles between the family members or in the friendship relationship and thus it may cost you.

The other reason against the computer game is that you spend many hours doing the gaming in which case you could be spending such time doing something constructive (Remenyi, 2007). You could be spending the time with friends and hence improving your socializing skills or you may be doing something that will uplift you financially or enrich your mind with studying a book rather than playing the game. The other reason is that the games makes use of the constant use of the thumbs, wrist and the eyes which can later lead to some eye straining and many other associated problems.

On the other hand, computer games can be very helpful when they involve two or more people in which you play against your mates and hence you can enhance your socializing skills (Jones, 2014). The other one is when the games involve makes use of intelligent moves to outdo your opponent in which case they will sharpen your mind. They can also be educative like the ones that involve the simulations of the flight or the real-life situations.

Computer games as much as it can be argued that they are of benefit to the human race by educating them or helping them socialize, their long terms effects are disastrous. This is so since they can make the people strain later in life to see and many other complications that are associated with the human beings.

Reference no: EM13760463

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