Compute the total tax they would pay as unmarried individual

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John Adams has a $65,000 adjustable gross income from Apple Corp. and allowable itemized deductions of $7200. Mary Eve has a $75,000 adjustable gross income and $2000 of allowable itemized deductions. Compute the total tax they would pay as unmarried individuals. Then compute their tax as a married couple filing a joint return. Assume a 2009 federal tax.

Reference no: EM13313764

What is the stress along the top edge and the bottom edge

A horizontal pre-stressing force of 500kN is applied to rectangler beam. the beam has a depth of 500mm and a width of 250mm. the force is applied at a distance of 80mm below t

How do you determine the mass moment of inertia

Two 52 kN loads are maintained 2.5 m apart as they are moved slowly across beam AB. Write a computer program to calculate the deflection at the midpoint C of the beam for valu

Calculate the depth of flow 2 km upstream of the dam

A 12.0 m rectangular channel, having a bed slope of 50 cm/km and a Manning roughness coefficient of 0.015, conveys water at a normal depth of 1.0 m. A dam is built across th

Calculate the mass flux rate and the flow rate

Water is flowing in a 6-cm diameter pipe at 20 m/s at 10?C. If the pipe enlarges to a diameter of 12-cm, calculate the reduced velocity. Also, calculate the mass flux rate and

Find the amount of irreversibility

A computer CPU chip consists of 50 g silicon, 20 g copper, and 50 g polyvinyl chloride (plastic). It now heats from ambient, 25?C, to 70?C in an adiabatic process as the com

Please give the numberal value of the following strengths

We have a small wood deck, 8' by 8' This deckshould only have a max of five adults on it. Oneside of deck is attached to the wall of the house, and out fromthis wall is two po

Elevation of the curve turning point

Set up a table showing curve elevations at the PVC, at the PVT, and at the half-station points along the curve. Compute the station and elevation of the curve turning point.

Determine what power must be supplied by the pump

The length of the pipeline in the building is 60 m, the water temperature is 20.C, and the water pressure on the top floor must be at least 150 kPa. Will a booster pump be r


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