Compute the take times for a system

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Compute the take times for a system where the total time per shift is 570 minutes, there is one shift, and workers are given two 14-minute breaks and 35 minutes for lunch. Daily demand is 392 units. (Round your answer to 2 decimal places.)

Take time            minutes per cycle

Reference no: EM13899229

Government should extend same civil rights to terrorism

Explain whether or not the government should extend the same civil rights to terrorism suspects that American citizens enjoy. Provide support for your argument with specific e

About the theory of constraints

What is the maximum output this assembly process could produce in 8 hours? If the capacity of Process 1 is increased to 91 units/hour, how many units can be assembled in 8 hou

Firm save annually in ordering-carrying costs by using EOQ

A produce distributor uses 710 packing crates a month, which it purchases at a cost of $10 each. The manager has assigned an annual carrying cost of 35 percent of the purchase

Apply operations management techniques to increase profits

Brandon's computer shop has hired a consultant to help apply operations management techniques to increase profits. Currently the shop sells most of its computers to a high-end

Identify errors and omissions in auditors report

The following auditor’s report was drafted by a staff accountant of Nathan and Matthew, CPAs, at the completion of the audit of the comparative financial statements of Montere

Which worker should the new employee assist

One Hour Loan offers customized loans. Customers call a toll free number with a specific loan request, and obtain a response within an hour. Suppose Alternative I is chosen. W

Does the general public seem to accept revenue management

Airline passengers today stand in numerous lines, are crowded into small seats on mostly full airplanes, and often spend time on taxiways because of air-traffic problems or la

What issues are involved in storage of pet supplies

The Marketing Plan Coach software on the text website includes a sample marketing plan for Hillside Veterinary Clinic. Look through the “Marketing Strategy” section. To provid


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