Compute the sales price variance and the sales volume

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Comp Wiz sells computers. During May 2013, it sold 350 computers at a $ 1,200 average price each. The May 2013 fixed budget included sales of 365 computers at an average price of $ 1,100 each. 

(1) Compute the sales price variance and the sales volume variance for May 2013. 

(2) Interpret the findings.

Reference no: EM13908718

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How can you calculate materiality of a company? A public company like Leons furniture limited. Which accounts would be used for calculating materiality bases and threshold?

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Describe how they are similar and why there are differences. Also, include specific examples of how and when to apply the principles of both types of accounting.

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Who are the stakeholders in this situation? Who is benefited and who is harmed and was Ron ethical in the way he performed the time study test?


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