Compute the percent voids in total mix and percent voids

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An aggregate blend is composed of 59% coarse aggregate by weight (sp. Gr. 2.635), 35% fine aggregate (Sp. Gr. 2.710), and 5% filler (Sp. Gr. 2.748). The compacted specimen contains 6% asphalt binder (Sp. Gr. 1.088) by weight of total mix, and has a bulk density of 143.9 lb/ft^3. Ignoring absorption, compute the percent voids in total mix, percent voids in mineral aggregate, and the percent voids filled with asphalt.

Reference no: EM13304780

Solve for steady-state concentration of both compounds

Atrazine, a neutral triazine herbicide manufactured by the Ciba-Geigy group, undergoes biological and chemical decomposition to formhydroxy-atrazine. a).Assuming a pseudo fi

Determine the heat transfer rate from the compressor

In a refrigeration system Refrigerant 22 enters the compressor at 150 kPa and -10 C. It leaves the compressor at 1.0 MPa and 90 C. Assume the mass rate of flow through the c

What is the concentration of pahs in undeveloped areas

Undeveloped areas may have total PAH concentrations in the soil of 5µg/kg, while urban areas may have soil concentrations that range from 600 pg/kg to 3,000 ;kg/ kg. What is

How much energy in horsepower islost by the water while flow

A pipeline 1200ft long and 8in. in diameter hasat its inlet point 75ft of available hydraulic energy with respectto the reference level. The velocity in the pipe is 5fps; thep

Find the mole fraction and mass fraction of each component

The output takes the form of a series of peaks where each peak corresponds to a component and a peak area (A) is proportional to the moles (n) of the component ( n = kA) in

Determine modulus of elasticity of concrete by aci formula

Determine the Modulus of Elasticity of Concrete by the ACI formula for a concrete cylinder that has a unit weight of 120pcf (1920kg/m^3) and a compressive strength of 3000 p

What power is needed from the pump on the water

A fire truck has its hose connected to a hydrant where the pressure is 7x10^4 Pa gage. The hose then connects up to a pump run by the engine of the fire truck. From here there

To what rate of corrosion in mm/yr dose this correspond

A thick steel sheet of area 440cm3 is exposed to air near the ocean. After a one-year period it was found to experience a weight loss of 880g due to corrosion. To what rate of


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