Compute the normalized pole frequency and sketch a pole-zero

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Design a second-order band-pass filter for a system with sampling frequency of 18 kHz that is tuned for f=5kHZ The filter should not have any sample delay (the numerator and denominator orders are equal) and should have a stability margin of 92%.

I. Compute the normalized pole frequency and sketch a pole-zero map for the filter.

II. Determine the filter transfer functionH(z).

Reference no: EM13247325

How much current sholuld the mosfets provide

1)Design the following function in BiCMOS using the least amount of transistors (RTL not allowed). z= (AB)' + (CD)' 2)Calculate the Emitter current through a loading Resistanc

Indicate if the system is causal or not and state why

For each one of the 3 frequency responses, H(f), in parts (a), (b), and (c) do the following: i. Obtain the system's impulse response, h(t). ii. Indicate if the system is BIBO

Write the system of equations that describes the problem

A lottery winner got $350,000 that invested as follows: part of it in a money market account, part in municipal bonds, and part in a mutual fund. After one year, he recieved

How many p atoms per cm2 have been diffused into si

Phosphorous is an n-type dopant in Si since it introduces extra electrons to Si (an P atom has 1 more valence electron than Si). It is widely used in making semiconductor de

What is turbine type and estimate flow rate of each turbine

Turbines at the Conowingo plant on the Susquehanna River each develop 54,000 hp at 82 RPM under a head of 89 feet. What is the turbine type Estimate flow rate of each turbin

Find the total voltage drop in 200 twisted pair wire

A proportional controller for a rotating antenna has a gain Kp of 5 in-oz/deg. The antenna was initially pointing due south, but was then commanded to point southeast. Find

Discuss the rise time-the overshoot and the settling time,

In the movement of a robot arm, the arm is commanded to go from position 1 to position 5. Discuss the rise time, the overshoot, the settling time, and the steady-state error

What are the electric and magentic fields in materical

An x-y plane separates two materials. Material 1 covers z 0 region. There is no surface current or charge on the boundary between the two materials.


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