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An astronaut in space cannot use a scale or balance to weigh objects because there is no gravity. But she does have devices to measure distance and time accurately. She knows her own mass is 87.2 kg, but she is unsure of the mass of a large gas canister in the airless rocket. When this canister is approaching her at 3.80 m/s , she pushes against it, which slows it down to 1.20 m/s(but does not reverse it) and gives her a speed of 2.00m/s .

a) What is the mass of this canister?

b) How much kinetic energy is "lost" in this collision?

Reference no: EM13536441

Angle between the force and the horizontal

A man wishes to pull a crate 15m across a rough floor by exerting a force of 100 N. The coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.25. For the man to do the least work, the angle

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Two mass-spring systems have the same mass and the same total energy. The amplitude of system 1 is three-fourths that of system 2. How do their maximum accelerations compare

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A proton accelerates from rest in a uniform electric field of 600 N/C. At some later time, its speed is 1.16 multiply.gif 106 m/s. How far has it moved in that interval? What

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The wavelength of violet light is about 430 nanometers, or 4.30*10-7 m. The frequency of the violet light reflected from a metal surface and the frequency of the vibrating el

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When resting, a person has a metabolic rate of about 5.84 x 105 joules per hour. The person is submerged neck-deep into a tub containing 3.61 x 103 kg of water at 28.8 °C. I

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When a 50.0-V emf device is placed across two resistors in series, a current of 12.0 A is flowing in each of the resistors. What is the magnitude of the larger of the two resi

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An underground explosion sends out both transverse (S waves) and longitudinal (P waves) mechanical wave pulses (seismic waves) through the crust of the Earth. What is the di

Convenient device for removing liquids from containers

A siphon, as shown in the figure (Figure 1) , is a convenient device for removing liquids from containers. To establish the flow, the tube must be initially filled with fluid.


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