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Albatross boat can borrow $450,000 from its bank using a 30-day discount intrest loan. The loan has a quoted interest of 9 percent and no compensating balance requirement.(A) Compute the loans APR and Rear. (b) compute the amount Albatross must borrow so that it has $450,000 to use to pay bills. Compute the loans APR and Rear.

Reference no: EM132281232

What does it cost you to attend the concert

You were able to purchase two tickets to an up-coming concert for $100 apiece when the concert was first announced three months ago. Recently, you saw that StubHub was listing

Private economy the aggregate expenditure equilibrium

If in the closed private economy the aggregate expenditure equilibrium is 470 billion. If exports of 12 billion and imports of 12 billion are now added as well as an additiona

Tax arbitrage and economic substance

The ability to arbitrage the differences between international tax systems is a very important aspect of international tax planning - Tax Arbitrage and Economic Substance

The economy is currently in short-run equilibrium

AD-AS Framework: Assume that the economy is currently in short-run equilibrium but is experiencing an inflationary gap. If you are a Classical economist and believe that the e

Labor unions and package shippers

With DHL promising increased competition in the US express package (integrated carrier) industry, various stakeholders would greet this prospect quite differently. Choose one

View of national income determination

"I cut production not because costs were too high, but because demand was too weak." "I cut production not because demand was too weak, but because costs were too high." Which

Industries have recorded remarkable growth in productivity

The country of Alcazar has been growing at an impressive pace for the last five years. With improvements in technology, many industries have recorded remarkable growth in prod

Find the efficient number of lighthouses

There are 2 fishermen, Zach and Jacob, who fish along a certain coast. Both would benefit if lighthouses were built along the coast where they fish. The marginal cost of build


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