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Albatross boat can borrow $450,000 from its bank using a 30-day discount intrest loan. The loan has a quoted interest of 9 percent and no compensating balance requirement.(A) Compute the loans APR and Rear. (b) compute the amount Albatross must borrow so that it has $450,000 to use to pay bills. Compute the loans APR and Rear.

Reference no: EM132281232

Ethical considerations with regard to marketing to children

Describe ethical considerations with regard to marketing to children. When the marketers' pitch includes a cause component, such as a breakfast cereal that promises to provi

Illustrate what are consumption also saving in each period

Illustrate what are consumption also saving in each period, suppose no borrowing constraints. What happens if the consumer faces a borrowing constraint that prevents her from

Find firms profit-maximizing quantity-price of cycles

The Sterling Corporation makes and sells motorcycles. The total cost of each cycle is the sum of the costs of frames, assembly, and engine. The firm produces its own engines a

Why in this case would the opinion differ than in community

In community A, there is a single beekeeper and a single garden. The bees obtain nectar from the garden but provide no relevant pollination services. The bees, however, are a

Affect the supply of and demand for investment capital

The four fundamental factors that affect the supply of and demand for investment capital – which affect interest rates – are investment opportunities, time preferences for con

Find the firms marginal rate of technical substitution

A firm uses labor and capital to produce output according to the production function q=100KL, where L is the number of units of labor used and K is the number of machines. Wha

Terms of shifts in demand and supply of meat-meat products

At the height of the popularity of high protein diets like the Atkins diet (which encourage larger consumption of meat products at the expense of carbohydrates and sugars), wh

What is the equilibrium price for marijuana

In the absence of government interference, there is a constant marginal cost of $5 per ounce for growing marijuana and delivering it to buyers. If the probability that any shi


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