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Albatross boat can borrow $450,000 from its bank using a 30-day discount intrest loan. The loan has a quoted interest of 9 percent and no compensating balance requirement.(A) Compute the loans APR and Rear. (b) compute the amount Albatross must borrow so that it has $450,000 to use to pay bills. Compute the loans APR and Rear.

Reference no: EM132281232

Explanations regarding why the aggregate demand

Please provide three explanations regarding why the aggregate demand (AD) has a negative slope according to the Keynesian model. Suppose that the aggregate supply (AS) is flat

Determine the after-tax internal rate of return

Wayne Moldings. Inc. has acquired a new die-casting mold at a cost of $2 million. Projected benefits from the mold for the next five years are: $350K, $450K. $500K. S350K. and

What is the efficient allocation between the two periods

Suppose that there is a total of 40 units of a non-renewable resource that will be completely depleted in two periods. This resourve has a demand curve Q= 100=2P in each perio

Firm labor demand and labor supply equations

A firm’s labor demand and labor supply equations are shown below. The workers, thinking that their wages are too low, decide to strike. After tense negotiations, the firm deci

Determine the market equilibrium price–output combination

Competitive Market Equilibrium. Dozens of Internet Web sites offer quality auto parts for the replacement market. Their appeal is obvious. Price-conscious shoppers can often o

How much would the subsidy per loaf have to be

In a certain kingdom, the demand function for rye bread was q = 381 − 3p and the supply function was q = 5 + 7p, where p is the price in zlotys and q is loaves of bread. The k

Misallocation associated with monopsony power

Under a monopsony scenario explain why the marginal labor cost is above the supply curve (average labor cost). What is the nature of inefficiency or misallocation associated w

What is the current macroeconomic situation

What is the current macroeconomic situation in the United States? What should the Fed do about it? What monetary policy tools should the Fed use to achieve the results you rec


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