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Albatross boat can borrow $450,000 from its bank using a 30-day discount intrest loan. The loan has a quoted interest of 9 percent and no compensating balance requirement.(A) Compute the loans APR and Rear. (b) compute the amount Albatross must borrow so that it has $450,000 to use to pay bills. Compute the loans APR and Rear.

Reference no: EM132281232

Expected inflation rate are unchanged

Suppose the real interest rate is 4% and the expected inflation rate is 3%. If the money supply increases by 10% and output, the real interest rate, and the expected inflation

How is the fact that more low-income

How is the fact that more low-income families are sending daughters, rather than sons, so college likely to affect the female income gap in the future? Why do you think econom

Medical expenses offset for a client

Calculate the medical expenses offset for a client who has a total of medical expenses of $5,500 for the financial year. The taxpayer has private medical insurance and recei

Financial crisis-series of unfortunate international events

Suppose the U.S. economy finds itself in a recession after a recent financial crisis and series of unfortunate international events. If the government wants to stabilize the e

Discuss it in terms of the effect on government policy

Research the government shutdown using legitimate news and political sources. Describe the effect the government shutdown had on federal services and federal spending. Discuss

Computer-controlled milling machine will cost

A computer-controlled milling machine will cost Ajax Manufacturing $65,000 to purchase plus $4,700 to install. If the machine would have a salvage value of $6,600 at EOY 20, h

Brands of fertilizers during the next growing season

A gardener can use one of the three brands of fertilizers during the next growing season. The following decision table shows the expected gross income per acre for each fertil

Using a budget constraint and map of indifference curves

Using a budget constraint and a map of indifference curves, show graphically and explain whether the following statement is true. If all prices double and the consumer's incom


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