Compute the in-plane and shear strains

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A tensile test specimen of the material in Exercise 5.4 is 10 mm wide, 2 mm thick, and 150 mm long and it subjected to an axial force of 200 N. The fibers are oriented at θ = 10? with respect to the loading axis.

(a) Compute the in-plane and shear strains in the material coordinate system.

(b) Compute the in-plane and shear strains in the laminate coordinate system.

(c) Is the cross-section under a uniaxial state of strain in the laminate coordinates? Explain the origin of each nonzero strain.

Exercise 5.4

Compute the reduced stiffness [Q] and compliance [S] matrices, and the intralaminar shear stiffness [Q∗ ] and compliance [S ∗ ] matrices for a lamina with E1 = 35 GP a, E2 = 3.5 GP a, ν12 = 0.3, G12 = 1.75 GP a, G23 = 0.35 GP a

Reference no: EM131315616

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