Compute the gain or loss on the immediate sale
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Problem -

Wonder Enterprises uses a special scanner in its Operations Lately sales have increased to the point that it takes extra hours of overtime at night and on weekends to keep up with customer demand. Management is considering purchasing a new faster model of scanner that would Neonate overtime and decrease some of the other operating costs. The following information is available


Current Scanner

New Scanner

Original purchase cost



Accumulated depreciation



Estimated annual operating costs (excluding depreciation)



Actual or projected annual depreciation on scanners



Non-manufacturing operating expenses



Remaining useful life (in years)



Estimated salvage value at the end of useful life



Estimated current disposal value



Required -          

Compute the gain or loss on the immediate sale of the old scanner.

Prepare an incremental analysis report comparing the options of continuing with the current scanner or replacing it.

What other factors should be considered before the final decision is reached?

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