Compute the data rate of the human eye using information

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1. Compute the data rate of the human eye using the following information. The visual field consists of about 106 elements (pixels). Each pixel can be reduced to a superposition of the three primary colors, each of which has 64 intensities. The time resolution is 100 msec.

2. Compute the data rate of the human ear from the following information. People can hear frequencies up to 22 kHz. To capture all the information in a sound signal at 22 kHz, it is necessary to sample the sound at twice that frequency, that is, at 44 kHz. A 16-bit sample is probably enough to capture most of the auditory information (i.e., the ear cannot distinguish more than 65,535 intensity levels).

Reference no: EM13869262

Ray henry is considering expanding the activities

1. Ray Henry is considering expanding the activities at his book stores to include movies. He has some ideas for how he wants to do this and he needs you to help with dat

Significant questions software installed by cable personnel

Interesting post on the computer discussion site (Slashdot) raises some significant questions about software installed by cable personnel.

Simulating problem for arriving for lunch at restaurant

Customers for lunch arrive into a restaurant at Exponential rate of 10 per hour for seated service and at  Exponential rate of 15 per hour for buffet. Simulate this proble

Find and compare two websites of a similar type

Think about a type of website such as a resume site, product site, or information site that you would like to create for this class. Find and compare two websites of a similar

Verifying the signatures of mails

i. Is he still able to send encrypted mails? What about receiving? ii. Is he still able to sign the mails he sends? What about verifying the signatures of mails he receives? i

The ciso for chase bank--using the resources available

Assume to you are the CISO for Chase Bank--using the resources available at PBSC library, find out what laws your state has passed to prosecute computer crime specifically

Programming language is python

Write a function month() that takes a number between 1 and 12 as input and returns the three-character abbreviation of the corresponding month. Do this without using an if s

Choosing a data integration type

In the Application Assignment in Unit 2, you created a database for your small retail store. Though business has been good, you decide to merge your company with another sma


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