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A project requires an invesment of 40,000 dollars. The project will project revenews of 4,000 dollars at the end of the next 20 years. At the end of the life of the project, the equipment can be sold for a profit with salvage value of 18,000. The MARR is 9.7 percent. Compute the annual worth.

Reference no: EM13332578

What are consumers protections

What are consumer's protections and why are consumers protected? Give a short account of the historical development of consumer law in Australia - Currently how do consumer'

Achievement by students with adhd

What are some ways that educators can restructure the classroom and teaching in order to promote better achievement by students with ADHD?

Discuss what this process intends to accomplish

Discuss what this process intends to accomplish, who is involved in and/or uses this process, and any bottlenecks or inefficiencies that hinder patient safety, quality of ca

The democratization of italy

In regards to "The Democratization of Italy", "Kashmir", and "South Africa" appraise the impact of modernity on both the developed and developing worlds with respect to trad

Explain bureaucratic and patron-client organizations

executive summary in which you compare distinctions between bureaucratic and patron-client organizations. Include similarities and differences between the main models of org

Whittington theories of strategy

Q1- Whittington theories of strategy (Classical, Evolutionary, Processual, Systemic) Provide real life examples for each theory Q2- Disagree with the statement and justify inc

Create a journal entry outlining your preliminary thoughts

Think about the kind of case you would like to analyze. Create a journal entry outlining your preliminary thoughts for the project. What type of provider (hospital, nursing

Authority of biblical canon

How does the New Testament Canon possess and exercise normative authority for Christianity? What is it about the history and exegesis of the canon that raises the question abo


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