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Question - On March 31, 2013 , the Herzog Company purchased a factory complete with machinery and equipment. The allocation of the total purchase price of $1 000,000 to the various types of assets along with estimated useful lives and residual values are as follows



Estimated Residual Value

Estimated Useful Life in Years











10% of cost










On June 29, 2014, machinery included in the March 31 2013, purchase that cost $100,000 was sold for $80,000. Herzog uses the straight - line depreciation method to buildings and machinery and the sum - of the - years - digits method for equipment. Partial - year depreciation is calculated based on the number of months an asset is in service.


1. Compute depreciation expense on the building, machinery, and equipment for 2013.

2. Prepare the journal entries to record (1) depreciation on the machinery sold on June 29, 2014, and (2) the sale of machinery.

3. Compute depreciation expense on the building, remaining machinery, and equipment for 2014.

Reference no: EM132184736

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