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Recently it was announced that two major hospital systems would be merging their services in to one entity. Both are comprised of multiple hospital units and specialty clinics. While on the surface, this has been touted as an economical move with substantial savings to both parties and the potential to solidify their market share, there are as yet many barriers to overcome. For instance, one system has its roots as a Catholic entity, while the other began with its origins as a Jewish facility. The medical staff is divided on whether the merger is good for patients and their practices. Both groups of employees are understandably unsettled as it is uncertain who of the senior administrative staff will remain. The organizational culture of both institutions is also of major concern. Given these circumstances, what form or model(s) of leadership would you bring to bear? Describe in detail the steps you would take to redirect the mission and vision of this new emerging entity.

Reference no: EM131042281

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