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Consider Lady Philosophy's lessons for Boethius and the view of reality given in the Four Noble Truths, then discuss these two in your essay.

Do not waste space simply summarizing either the lessons of the Consolation or the vision of Buddhism; instead, take it as a given that you and I both know the basics and talk about Boethius and Buddhism specifically with regard to their focus on freedom and happiness.

• What do they take true freedom to be?

• What does each see as comprising genuine happiness?

• How, for both of these, do freedom and happiness connect to one another meaningfully?

• How do Boethius and Buddhism compare or contrast on any of these points?

In basic terms please comprise a essay based on the Consolation Lady Philosophy and the view of reality of the 4 noble truths.

Compare and contrast the focus on freedom and happiness between Boethius and Buddhism with the questions above.

Reference no: EM131143612

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