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Throughout this course you will prepare a comprehensive financial analysis and proposal (excluding tables, figures, and addenda) that will demonstrate your understanding of key financial concepts, strategies and practices. After selecting a company to profile, you will construct a comparative financial analysis of your selected company's financial position with that of a prime competitor, for example, Amazon and Netflix, Microsoft and Oracle, or Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase & Co. Following the nine-step assessment process detailed in Assessing a Company's Future Financial Health, your financial analysis and proposal will be composed of four separate component assignments in topics 2, 4, 6, and 8.

For this assignment, apply the following two steps of the nine-step assessment process detailed in Assessing a Company's Future Financial Health (i.e., Step 3: Investments in Assets and Step 4: Economic Performance)to compose further assessment of the company/competitor pairing analysis as below:

1. Review the Management's Discussion and Review (MDR), aka the Management's Discussion and Analysis (MDA) section, which can be obtained from the SEC 10-K reports. Develop pro-forma financial statements for your company/competitor for the next 5 years. Pro-forma financial statements require us to make conservative assumptions about future growth; as such, your discussion must justify and support any assumptions you have made in developing the pro-formas.

2. Discuss current strategy (ies) used by the company/competitor and any relevant future investments required to support the business unit (s) strategy(ies) to achieve higher ROI and market position.

3. Perform a ratio analysis on the two pro-forma financial statements you've developed (company and competitor), and provide a discussion regarding future profitability and competitive performance as well as any significant changes you observe. To successfully complete this assignment, please show all ratio analysis calculations.

Nike and Under Armour as competitor

Reference no: EM131051575

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