Comprehensive case analysis

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Comprehensive Case Analysis

For this Discussion, select one of the following cases to analyze:

Case : "Same-Sex Marriage and Human Resources Policy" p. 551 in Human Resources Management in Healthcare.

Case: African Gold, Inc.—Ethics and AIDS in the Workplace in Human Resources Management Applications.

On your own, respond to the questions posed at the end of each case. (You will synthesize your responses in your Discussion posting.) Then, reflect on what you have learned throughout this course, and how this particular case furthers your thinking about human resources management in health care. What are the implications of this case and the insights you have gained for your work as a health care manager?

Identify the case you have selected in the first line of your posting.

Synthesize your responses to the questions posed at the end of the case.

Explain how this case furthers your thinking about human resources management, including the ethical considerations involved in business decisions. Describe the most significant implications of this case and what you have learned for your work as a health care manager.

Reference no: EM13965655

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