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The purpose of this project has many facets: discovering and appreciating different types of art, learning to gather research, perhaps inspire you, using it as a guide to help reference art history and art movements as an aid during critiques and finally, so that you can get a brief introduction to what has become before you in the art world so that you can make work intelligently and proficiently.

For this project, you will research one art movement. You must research/describe one of the movements in terms of the following 5 questions. These five questions are what you should focus on for this assignment, but you should not limit your research. Elaborate on each of the questions in order to compose a full answer on each.

1. Who (main artists/anyone who contributed to the movement)
2. What (define the movement)
3. Where (place, country)
4. When (time period)
5. Why (describe the purpose of the art that came from the movement and its contribution to society).
6. Conclusion: your opinion (what you personally think about the work, artist and ideas of the art movement)

You can find all of this information in the library book collection as well as Grove Art Online and Artstor. Do NOT use the internet as your only source of information! After you gather your information, compose a brief typed paper (2 to 3 pages) on your chosen art movement. This does not include images. Use the MLA or Chicago style format with a works cited image or footnotes.

- Early/High Renaissance

- Mannerism

- Baroque Art

- Rococo Art

- Romanticism

- Realism/Naturalism

- Impressionsim /Post-Impressionism

-Fauvism/ Early Expressionism

- German Expressionism

- Cubism

- Futurism

- Constructivism

- Dadaism

- Surrealism

- Abstract Expressionist Painting

- Pop Art and Assemblage

- Happenings/ Performance Art

- Minimalism

- Environmental Art

- Feminist Art Movement

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Reference no: EM13876129

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