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The work system design is an essential component in manufacturing and management operations (Reid & Sanders, 2016). It lays the foundation and explains the importance of designing work. It also describes the two work design approaches. The first approach concentrates on efficiency via work expertise and the second on behavioral approaches to job design. Work system design includes work design, work assessment and time standards and compensation for employees.

Starbucks jobs are retail level specialized. Starbucks works with a staff of employees consisting of one to take orders; one to work on the creation of beverages; and one to manage cash.

Describe factors affecting the work environment of the business selected in Q1 that must be considered in improving their existing work systems design.

Employees are very important assets of any organization. A successful organization nourishes its staff. One way of nurturing employees is by taking care of the workplace environment. Many staff dedicate most of their time to generate workplace activities. The workplace environment therefore plays a key role in maintaining greater organization productivity.

Starbucks can get very busy at certain times of the day. For the most part, the work environment is pleasant and consists of supported by their coworkers. Since it can become stressful during a busy rush of customers, Starbucks has ensure that there is a “floater” employee on hand to a fill in whenever necessary.

Reference no: EM132280548

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